Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 59!

Craziest. Week. Ever.

First, some sad news. One of the members of our ward passed away this week. He was very young, and all the missionaries were very close to him because he and his wife feed us every other weekend. It was a very tragic accident, and his funeral was this week which left a feeling of sadness in the air most of the time. We are sad he is gone, but I know without a doubt that his spirit lives on, and that he and his wife will be reunited one day. That knowledge has brought me a lot of peace these last few days.

Because of the funeral luncheon being held at the church this Saturday, we needed to postpone Damien's baptism until next week. He is still very excited and ready to be baptized. He is amazing!

We had some great experiences this week! We got a new investigator who is from China and is here on an internship. She works at a dairy farm and delivers 20-30 baby cows EVERY DAY! Crazy! She is doing great and is loving learning about God.

We met another new investigator this week who is hilarious! He had just been listening to the Book of Mormon Musical when we knocked on his door! He said the play is his "guilty pleasure" but that he has always been interested in the actual history and beliefs of the Mormon Church. We gave him a Book of Mormon and met with him two days later. 

When he met up with us, he had already read the first ten chapters of the book! He had a lot of great questions and had highlighted some really cool scriptures. He said that right after we left his doorstep, he prayed for the first time in years, and he said it felt great! He committed himself to finish the Book of Mormon and pray about whether or not it's true. He's going camping this week so he's planning on getting a huge chunk read while he's gone! He is SO COOL and incredibly prepared!

Hmm, what else happened this week? I rolled a piano over my toe! Nothing's broken, just bruised! Yay!

Sister Oswald and I also played with laser pointers and my camera's low shutter speed last night. Check it out!

Also check out!  I love you all!  ,Sister Christiansen,

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