Tuesday, April 30, 2013


1. Go through the Oakland Temple [CHECK]
Favorite place in the world!
Went through with my mum <3

2. Reread the Book of Mormon [CHECK]
3. Go to the top of Coit Tower [CHECK]

Lauren being... Lauren

View from the top :)

4. Finish watching The District [CHECK]

5. Ride the glass elevators [CHECK]

Beautiful skyscrapers!
Above my city <3
6. Write an awesome farewell talk [CHECK]

This was my life last week - Listening to Daft Punk and writing my farewell talk. It's finished!!

7. Drive down Lombard St. [CHECK]

Crookedest street in the world!

8. Go to a concert [CHECK]

I saw 14 acts in 7 days... WUT. Tyler, the Creator was the last one!

9. Get Cream in Berkeley @2am [THIS NEVER HAPPENED :((((( SAD]
10. Have a solo adventure [CHECK]

I went to a dubstep show by myself haha... Front row center!

11. Go on a mini road trip [CHECK]

Went on a road trip to Davis and Chico with these two lovely ladies! <3

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