Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi everybody!
Turns out while I'm in the MTC, my email days are Tuesdays. But after June 5th, they'll be Mondays for my whole mission! I will be in Michigan starting June 5th. I can't wait!
The MTC is so rad. One of the first people I saw when I arrived was Elder Austin Allan! We were both in a hurry but he still bowed to me and said something in Korean! We see each other around a lot! It's great having that connection to home here!
My companion is incredible. Her name is Sis. Manchester and she is the sweetest person. She is SO STRONG in the gospel and isn't afraid to tell you her beliefs! She's a great example to me. Also, once she cried while watching Ellen. Actually, that happened a few times. How awesome is that?
Our classes are amazing. BROTHER AARON BLATTER FROM MY HIGH SCHOOL IS ONE OF MY TEACHERS! We have about 6 hours of class per day and about 5 hours of personal or companion study in between. The food is delicious. I eat like 3 entrees at each meal. Plus dessert. I wake up at freakin 5:30am every day AND I DON'T EVEN MIND! It's insane! I actually get excited to wake up. What's up with that?! We go to sleep at 10:30 every night. The first morning here, not only was I up on time, but I was also the first girl in the showers! WOOOO! I love the schedule here. What. Yeah, I don't understand.
I AM ALWAYS EXHAUSTED AND HAPPY HERE. IT'S THE CRAZIEST THING! I love it so much. I am learning at such an accelerated rate. The Spirit is so strong here. It guides everything we do. I feel like the Spirit has left like, only twice in the last 6 days. Other than that, we can always feel its influence. We are so blessed with safety and knowledge and guidance... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's overwhelming and amazing. I have been so stretched and as a result am growing more than I thought was possible.
We got to go to the temple this morning and it was incredible. On Sunday also, we walked to the temple as a district and just enjoyed the grounds and took pictures. I'll attach them here!
Oh I got a calling! I'm the Sister Training Leader which is basically the title for a Zone Leader but we focus on uplifting and helping all the sister missionaries. The day I reported to the MTC, 350 elders reported also, but 375 SISTERS ARRIVED!!! WE ROCK!!!
We've been practicing teaching. Our first investigator is on his third lesson with us but his testimony is so strong and he wants to get baptized! He's been reading scriptures and going to church and praying. He's so happy which makes US so happy! Our SECOND investigator is from the south and screamed at us for 30 minutes! It was terrifying. Her name is Lawanna. She's awesome. We got a second appointment because we held strong to our beliefs and that impressed her, so we're going back Wednesday!

Now time for funny stories!!!

There's a dude here from Zimbabwe who used to watch international television. Yesterday, he came up to me and was like "I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHERE I'VE SEEN YOUR FACE BEFORE." Apparently he recognized me from the homepage of the site where he watches all his international TV. Now every time we see each other we say "ALT FOR DANMARK!"
One day, I was super exhausted, and kept almost falling asleep in class. Luckily, Elder Gregory, one of the elders in my district, had this watch on that kept reflecting light into my eyes and waking me up. Elder Gregory is hilarious. He thinks I'm insane though.
I have an MTC bucket list! So far I've crossed off "Eat three dinners in one sitting at the cafeteria," "Actually enjoy working out" (<-- THANKS TO MY AWESOME 4-SQUARE SKILLS), "Write a 5-page journal entry," "See Elder Allan," "Go to the temple," "Experience a testimony that brings me to tears" (okay we cry like, every day here, out of joy, stress, excitement, love, the Spirit, EVERYTHING),  "Read 5 chapter in Mormons Bog (the Danish Book of Mormon) without translation help," "Sing in the shower," and "Learn to bear my testimony in another language." It's so radical here. Everything is amazing. SORRY THIS IS SO LONG.
What it comes down to is... This place is incredible. I am so happy and learning SO much. I miss you all! See you soon!
<3 Sister Christiansen
P.S. THIS IS OUR DISTRICT! We're all going to Lansing! My companion is just to the right of me. I love her. I love them all!

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