Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 4 in MICHIGAN!!

BRUCE IS OFFICIALLY BAPTIZED! His baptism on Saturday was incredible. He bore such a strong testimony at the end and the Spirit in the room was almost tangible. I will post pictures in this email because it was such a great night! The next day at church, he was confirmed a member for the Church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. An RM who spoke Chinese on his mission gave the prayer and blessing in Chinese! It was so awesome.
The baptism almost didn't happen though! Our church building here in Lansing has been through so much. A couple years ago, it was burned down and everything was destroyed except for a picture of Jesus Christ. Then, on Thursday, someone pulled the fire alarm and the sprinkler system flooded the church! Talk about Old Testament-status! Fires and floods! But we prayed SO HARD and everything was cleaned up in time for the baptism on Saturday. 

We met more people from all over the world this week! We taught people from Rwanda, Nigeria, France, India, Yemen, Togo, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, China, and Ethiopia! I learned some Ebo, which is the language one of our friends from Nigeria speaks. I'm also learning Portuguese from my companion before she leaves for Brazil!

Oh my goodness. As I'm typing this email, we just got a call from an investigator named Leandre asking us if we could bail him out of jail! We weren't able to help him out but what the heck! Haha East Lansing is awesome.

Overall, this week was just amazing because of Bruce's baptism. He was so happy, and his happiness was just contagious for everyone who was there.
This weekend was amazing! Hope everyone has an awesome week! 
<3 Sister Christiansen
  Here's me and my companions with Bruce!

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