Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Amazing. Week.

Bruce passed the sacrament in church on Sunday. The three people passing sacrament were all converts from China who got the priesthood within the last month. Woohoo!
Also - GET THIS! We have another investigator getting baptized! Yifan is from Shanghai. He is amazing, hilarious, brilliant, and is going to be baptized on Saturday!

Guess who is going to baptize him.


We are so excited! The Lord truly is hastening His work! Also, Bruce wrote us a song this week and it was the best song ever! He tells the story of how we knocked on his door and how the Book of Mormon changed his life and how happy he is now! We love Bruce.

Yifan also did something so great yesterday. After our lesson with him, we walked outside and saw all these fireflies. I caught one for him and he was so excited! He didn't know that they were called fireflies, he just always saw them at night while riding his bike home from class and described them as "the stars coming up from the ground." I gave him the firefly to hold and it glowed in his hand. He was so happy! He brought his cupped hands close to his face to look at the awesome little glowing bug inside and just whispered excitedly, "Thank you Heavenly Father!" It was the best thing ever!

We also had a ward BBQ that was a MAJOR success! There were about 25 members there and 45 nonmembers!!! It was so great to be able to have that many potential investigators in one place! Some people wanted to learn more about the church so we're meeting with them this week. I am so grateful to be in such a missionary-minded ward.

I just realized I never really update everyone on my companions! They are AMAZING. We work so well together. Hopefully Sister Dixon doesn't get her visa anytime soon and can stay with us a little longer. She's such a hard working missionary. Sister Probert is an amazing trainer and I wish you all could hear her sing. She has the voice of an angel! So does Sister Dixon! Too bad they got stuck with me... but when we sing as a trio I just let their beautiful voices drown mine out! 

I hope you all have an incredible week! 

I love you and miss you all!

<3 Sister Christiansen

P.S. I'm attaching a picture of my district! Some of them are gone now because we just had transfers but luckily my companions and I get to stay at MSU longer!

Also, I just watched this new Mormon Message and it's SUPER RAD. It shows how the words of Joseph Smith are still so applicable today. So many people we meet (specially on a college campus) are asking the same questions. People are seeking truth everywhere we turn. We should always be actively seeking knowledge in our lives. I love how this encourages people to "go to the source" and ask God. God truly does answer prayers. We see it every day here. He loves you all and wants to hear from you. Have a great week!

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