Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 10? No way!

I love MSU so much!

I don't have much time this week to email, so I have to make this quick, but just trust that this week was incredible!

Our friend Yiming got baptized! The elders were teaching him. He's from China and is so awesome. Soon at church, we are going to have headsets and a translator so that during sacrament meeting, the talks can be translated into Chinese for all our new members! We are also starting up a Sunday School class taught entirely in Chinese. This place is so awesome. I'm trying to learn Chinese but I'm really bad at it!

We've seen so many miracles in this work. I love being a missionary and talking to strangers every day! People really open up to us. We are in such a unique position as missionaries. I never want to take off my name tag!

The highlight of my week was when Frank (a recent convert from China) made a comic for me and my companions. I am "C," Sister Dixon is "D," and Sister Probert is "P." I'm attaching a picture of it below. It is the best thing ever. It is what would happen if we met a robber in the park!

I'm sorry I can't write more but know that I love you all and miss you a lot! I am in love with East Lansing! Have an amazing week! Watch this video!

Here's Frank's comic!

<3 Sister Christiansen

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