Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 11 in Heaven!

Hello all! This week was incredible.

From Monday night to Wednesday morning I was on exchanges (where you swap companions with other sister missionaries) in an area called Holt. I can sum up that experience with some numbers...

Number of cats at this one investigator's house: 15
Number of kittens I had on my lap during that lesson: 4
Number of scratches I got on my face from a kitten trying to play with my hair: 3
Number of Daft Punk bumper stickers I saw: 2
Number of scoops of ice cream I had: 5
Number of fingers I jammed from trying to catch a frozen loaf of bread thrown down to me from a third floor balcony: 2
Number of minutes I spent meditating about what my spirit animal is: 30

That's right, I officially have a spirit animal. Sister Smith is who I was with for exchanges. She is our Sister Training Leader and she loves helping people find out what their "spirit animal" is. It's just a funny activity we did to find out what animals represent us. We jokingly take it way too seriously. Anyways, after much contemplation, I discovered that I am a COCKATOO!!! Woohoo!

On a more spiritual note, Bruce (our first baptism) gave an amazing talk about God on Sunday and he is ALSO speaking about his conversion in stake conference next month! He is SO COOL.

Yifan is doing so great as well! This week he surprised us with two videos he'd made for us!!! I will paste the links at the bottom. They're super embarrassing because they both involve me singing but hopefully the beautiful voices of my companions drown me out!

Also, I got Chinese names this week! One of our investigators, John Ni, gave them to us! Mine is Jia Li which is the Chinese name of Scarlet from "Gone With the Wind" and means "beautiful girl".... He chose Chinese names that sound kind of similar to our American names.

THEN Bruce gave me another Chinese name that represents me! 
Bruce's Chinese name for me is sounds like "Uu Jo" and it means HAPPY UNIVERSE!!! 

Anyways, I guess I can end it there. Michigan is amazing. Here are the Youtube links to Yifan's videos!

Have an amazing week!

<3 Sister Christiansen
ps Sorry for the millions of emails but I just saw this and thought it would be cool for those of you who want to know what a day in the life of a missionary is like!

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