Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 23 - I turned 20!


Hi everybody! Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday - it was Veteran's Day so the library was closed. But we get to write today! But we only get half the time we normally get so this is going to be very short. Sorry!

Not emailing yesterday was okay though because it meant MORE TIME AT THE ZOO! It was amazing. I will attach pictures at the bottom instead of explaining everything but just trust me when I say it was THE BEST DAY EVER.
For my birthday dinner, we got to eat at that awesome family's house who makes us all the delicious natural food. They made me an Oreo cheesecake with organic Oreos and healthy enough ingredients that I can EAT IT FOR BREAKFAST. Yesss.
This week I met an 8 year old who's in 8th grade! He and his family are in our ward and they fed us dinner. He's crazy smart! We talked about outer space for like, 30 minutes.
We've seen so many miracles here in Holt! One of our investigators wants to get baptized! She is so cool and keeps talking about how the gospel answers questions she's had all her life but hasn't been able to find answers to until now! It is so awesome to meet with her. Plus she has a tiny baby girl who is just adorable and SO HAPPY!
I feel like this week was so so incredible but I can't remember everything right now!
Transfers are on Friday and I'm pretty sure I'm staying in Holt, but just in case, you can send anything this week to the mission office address and then resume sending stuff directly to me next week. Haha thanks so so much! The mission office address is
1400 Abbot Rd. Ste. 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
I hope you all have a great week! Here are some pictures!
This is our district at our last district meeting of the transfer! Crazy missionaries. 
 This is me and Sister Brems!
 Another picture of me and Sister Brems. Can you spot the difference? (HINT: IT'S THE TIGER IN THE BACKGROUND.)
 The snow stuck for the first time yesterday! YAAAY!
 Birthday dinner with the coolest family ever!
 And now for my all-time favorite picture ever... Me & my baby!!!
Love you!
<3 Sister Christiansen

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