Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 24 of Serving the Lord!

This week was so exciting. There is so much to write. I'm going to have to do this in bullet point form!
  • First of all, Elder Golden from the First Quorum of the Seventy came to our mission! He spoke last April in General Conference if you remember. He's the guy with the cool South African accent! He talked to us about a ton of brilliant things. My notebook is FULL of scribbled notes. I loved how he talked about the most important restored truth that came from the First Vision was the restoration of the true nature of God. Everything we teach comes back to our relationship with God. It's so important!
  • After the Half-Mission Conference in which Elder Golden spoke, we were driving back to our areas in a van of 12 missionaries, and the sunset was SO GORGEOUS. It was bright red and orange and pink. It seemed like every time you looked back at it, it had changed completely. Michigan is gorgeous. We were all filled with so much joy. A bunch of 19-22 year old kids were just so excited about the sunset and about all the eternal truths we had just learned from Elder Golden... it was just a really awesome moment. Where else in the world does that happen? Missionaries are so weird, but it's the best thing ever. PURE JOY.
  • WE HAD OUR FIRST TORNADO WATCH YESTERDAY! There was a TERRIBLE storm but luckily no tornado! But we were asked to stay inside for a bit to stay off the roads. The tornado was headed our way! As a result, I ended up crouched in our bathtub reading the Book of Mormon. Haha we were so excited and overdramatized everything. It was terrifying and awesome. Here I am! Sister Brems said that when I am in a storm I turn into half Keira Knightley, half wet rat. Hahaha what. I can see the wet rat part FOR SURE. We were freezing. P.S. I AM READING HELAMAN 5:12 LOL.
    • I MADE A PUN THIS WEEK. The state of Michigan kind of looks like a mitten, and everyone uses their hand to point out where they live. But anywho, this week we realized... We're MITTENARIES!!!
  • OOH I have a request. This might be kind of silly, but I want to put together a photo album that I can have with me here, and I was wondering if kind of as a belated birthday present you guys could each send me a picture of us together or something! Or just a picture that will remind me of you! 4x6 is perfect! If you can, that'd be awesome! If not, I guess I just won't be able to remember you... haha just kidding! If you can't, no worries!
  • I ALMOST FORGOT. Transfer calls came and Sister Brems and I get to STAY TOGETHER IN HOLT! WOOO! So my address will be the same for the next 6 weeks (2141 N. Aurelius Rd. Apt. 64 Holt, MI 48842). YAY!
I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!
<3 Sister Christiansen

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