Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 40!

Hi everyone! Some amazing things happened this week!

First of all, we had our Missionary Leadership Council this week. That is where all the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders in the mission meet together with President and Sister Hess and discuss the mission. Then we get a home-cooked meal at the mission home! It was wonderful! But here is the best part... My first two companions (Sister Probert and Sister Dixon) are both Sister Training Leaders right now! Sister Dixon is back at MSU and Sister Probert is at Western Michigan University. That means that WE REUNITED!!! All three of us were in the same place again for the first time since we got transferred! SO HAPPY!!
Sister Dixon is a Sister Training Leader even though she is still technically waiting for her visa to Brazil! Crazy! But she is one of the best missionaries I've ever met so I'm glad the mission realized how much they needed her in a leadership position. I love these ladies so much!

Second amazing thing that happened this week.... We have the COOLEST new investigator! So on Thursday Sister Carlson got sick so she napped for a few hours. While she was napping, I decided to go through the teaching records of old, former investigators that stopped meeting with the missionaries. I called about 20 of them and no one was interested in meeting up again. Then Sister Carlson woke up and we were getting ready to go to our dinner appointment, but I just felt like I needed to call one more person. I looked at the next name in the binder ("Josh") and gave him a call. He hadn't seen missionaries since he was 21 (four years ago) and he was SO excited to talk to us! In one short phone call, he explained to us his thoughts and beliefs which included gospel truths such as the Light of Christ (what the world calls a "conscience," ultimately), our spirits existing before and after this life, that he feels like prophets still exist, and that science and religion don't have to contradict...AHH!!!!!! It was so incredible! We scheduled a time to meet up and visited him on Saturday!

It was the BEST LESSON EVER. Josh has been studying physics his entire life, and it has given him this unshakable faith in God. It was the most mind-blowing lesson of my life. The whole lesson was basically "Josh-explains-his-thoughts/theories-in-scientific-terms-and-we-teach-him-what-we-call-the-exact-same-principle-in-gospel-terminology." SO AMAZING! We taught him the plan of salvation and laid out a diagram of it on the table. He paused, pointed at it, and said, "I believe this. I believe all of this." The Spirit was so strong! In the course of one lesson, he used scientific theories and facts to explain the existence of our spirits, the Light of Christ, his thoughts on the creation of the world, and why God is loving, not an "angry God." And they were all in perfect harmony with what the Church teaches! It just proves that TRUTH=TRUTH. He found truth one way, we got to the same conclusion another way, and now we can collaborate and learn from each other.

I want all of you to know that I KNOW this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind. I know it. I love it with all my heart. It's brought me incomprehensible joy, and I know it can do the same for anyone who applies its teachings to their life.

This video lays out the Plan of Salvation (what we taught Josh) in a really cool way and explains it brilliantly. Please watch it! It's really interesting!

I love you all a miss you! Have a great week!

<3 Sister Christiansen

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