Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 44!

Hi all! Welcome to another MIRACULOUS week! It was hilarious and wonderful.

We picked up 4 incredible new investigators this week! They're all college students and all so excited to learn about the gospel! Two of them were found because of the "What Makes You Happy?" project. Miracles!

One of them is named Austin and he is just the COOLEST. He is SO open to the truth. He has explored religions his entire life. He told us all the aspects he's picked out of world religions that he's liked and with which he's resonated. Guess what. ALL those aspects are found in one place in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! He loved the history of the Restoration and wants to get baptized. He is HILARIOUS. We asked him to pray about the things we'd discussed and said, "If you came to know for yourself that these things are true, would you be baptized?" and he replied, "Yeah I would! I would slam DUNK myself!" It was so funny! He's the best. He came to General Conference and loved it. So prepared!!

Another new friend of ours we started meeting with this week is Cody! He is WAY cool. He has braids/dreads and is super classy. He's the most spiritual, down-to-earth college student ever! He has a twin brother and they just go out into nature and play guitar and have discussions about God. We taught Cody about Joseph Smith's first vision and he said, "Oh, I totally believe that happened. I believe he could have absolutely seen God." He is incredible! 

We also had dinner at a sorority house this week! We go there often (PHI MU!) because there are a couple investigators and a less-active member in that sorority. One thing I have learned is that sororities are just like the movies. It's hilarious. All the girls are super nice to us, though! For dessert, we ate ice cream out of the carton with spoons. YES. It was awesome.

I loved how everyone was encouraged to read Preach My Gospel, so to help with that, I'm posting a link to the online version of PMG here! It's so good! A+, much recommended, everyone read pls.

I love you all and miss you! Have a lovely week!

<3 Sister Christiansen

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