Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 55!

This week was incredible! My new companion is here! Her name is Sister Oswald and she is hilarious! She is a great teacher and missionary and we are going to have an incredible transfer! I forgot my memory card, but you can see my companion in the video I'll talk about later!
This week started off the transfer beautifully. We had a lot of really cool experiences with our investigators. One of them, Austin, has been doing great and loves everything we've been teaching. He's studied religion and spirituality forever, so he just instantly recognizes truth when it's taught. He even came and did a service project with us this week! We hauled bales of hay! It was exhausting, but so much fun! I just think of how Joseph Smith used to say that service is our religion. What better way for someone to find out what Mormons are all about than to haul hay in 85 degree weather with some missionaries? Austin loved it! He's in the video that I'll attach at the end of this message.

Well, maybe I'll just talk about the video now. Sister Oswald and I have to give a training to the missionaries here about how to use visuals while finding and teaching people. To introduce our topic, we decided to make a video about how NOT to use visuals. It was a ton of fun, and includes some common mistakes that we all make, along with some not-so-common mistakes that are just funny. We enlisted the help of the zone leaders and Austin, and this is what happened!

It was a lot of fun. We teach on Wednesday. I'll let you all know how it goes. Speaking in front of large groups of missionaries is half-terrifying, half-awesome. Hopefully I don't freak out.

I am so grateful to be serving in Mt. Pleasant. It is a truly wonderful area. I know that if we work hard and involve the Lord in everything we do, we will continue to see miracles!

I hope you are all having wonderful days and weeks and months. I will see you all soon. I am so happy whenever I hear updates about all the amazing things you all are doing. You are my heroes!

Thank you for being so inspirational!

<3 Sister Christiansen

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