Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 68!

Okay this is crazy. I fly home a month from today. I AM NOT READY. But it's okay. This has been amazing.

I HAVE NO TIME TO WRITE TODAY but it's because of a great reason! We spent almost our entire p-day at the SLEEPING BEAR SAND DUNES! A couple from church (the Hoovers) took us out for the day. It was amazing! I will attach some pics right now!

This was the first dune we visited!

Then we ran down THIS. This is a "bluff" aka a cliff of SAND. It takes you down to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan but it can take people TWO HOURS to hike back up because you just are constantly sliding down the sand!

Well, we decided to go HARD and ended up running up the cliff while the Hoovers stood at the top and timed us. We made it back up in 15 minutes!!! My legs still feel like Jell-o.

Here are the Hoovers!
 A member from church and his girlfriend (one of our investigators) got married this week! Here we are with them. We LOVE them!!!
It's been an incredible week, but like I said, we have very limited time today so I'm sorry I can't write more. I love you all and will see you in a month!

<3 Sister Christiansen

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