Monday, December 9, 2013


This week was simply wonderful!
Sister Brems turned 22 on Wednesday! For a special treat, one of the families in the ward had us over for dinner and made CAFE RIO because they have the recipe! It was SO GOOD.
This week, we got to go to a wonderful baptismal service for a woman the elders taught. It was such an amazing day! Her husband has been a member his whole life but was less-active. He just recently became active again and was able to baptize his wife! Their family will be able to be sealed together in the temple in a year! They have two adorable kids. The Spirit was so strong. It made me so happy to see her making the decision that will change her life forever! It was amazing.
Okay so I have some numbers for this week....
Number of dead mice we saw this week: 2
Number of frozen toes I had: 10
Number of walls we painted: 9
Number of birthday packages Sis. Brems got: 16
Number of dreams I had about Daft Punk: 3
Number of prayers we had answered: infinity
OH ALSO something terrible/hilarious happened this week. Tom is the older man in our ward who we read the scriptures to every night because he has bad eyes and can't read them for himself anymore. Anywho, this week he needed us to read him this packet he got in the mail about insurance and stuff. It was like 10 pages of dense, dull, material. But Sister Brems really wanted to read it, so I let her go ahead! Meanwhile, I'm sitting in this really comfy recliner, listening to her read about insurance policies, conditions, etc. Next thing I know, Sister Brems is waking me up! I FELL ASLEEP FOR 30 MINUTES. They had finished reading the packet, said the closing prayer, and everything. It was terrible and hilarious. Well, at least now I can say I've fallen asleep in an appointment. NEVER AGAIN, THOUGH!
This week was full of miracles as usual, but one thing that I really was reminded of this week was that life is fragile. We had two members of our ward pass away this week, and it's been really hard on everyone. However, we are so blessed to know that death is not the end for them or for anyone. I am so grateful to have that knowledge and to be able to share that good news out here in Michigan! Life is fragile, but it's WONDERFUL. Make the most of it! And even with all the incredible experiences we have, this life is just a blip in the timeframe of eternity. There is so much more ahead!
Well, I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
<3 Sister Christiansen
P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS. You all need to watch this video. It's INCREDIBLE!
P.P.S. Please enjoy this adorable, fat cat that we met this week.

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