Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 28, go Michigan State!

Hi all! We had SO MANY MIRACLES this week! It was incredible.
It snowed so much, but knocking doors in the snow was actually so much fun. I know, I'm confused about it, too. Sister Brems and I just have so much fun together.
This week I got to go back to MSU for a couple days on exchanges! I saw Bruce! He's doing great, as usual. I didn't get to see Yifan, though, which made me sad! But it's okay. I know they're both doing amazing things.
At MSU, I got to be companions with Sister Richardson! She's one of our Sister Training Leaders (girl equivalent of zone leaders). We had so much fun. We went bus finding (So many memories!), talked to a ton of people from China (I felt right at home again!), and met with a bunch of people who didn't believe in God, but were open to learning how they could find out for themselves if He's there (Just like old times!). It was way fun. During our lunch hour, we also blew bubbles and made microwave pork rinds. If you learn anything from this email it should be this:
They smelled terrible and tasted even worse. It was hilarious. Exchanges were so much fun. And MSU made it to the Rose Bowl apparently against Stanford so everyone's stoked about that. I am so torn. But also not really...
This week we had our ward Christmas party and our investigator Dessiree came! She brought her boyfriend and her newborn baby and they had so much fun! The next night, they came with us to dinner at a member's house and it was the best thing ever! All the members were being such great fellowshippers! Dessiree's boyfriend had never been interested or heard anything about the church, but all the members were talking to him and he was asking all these awesome questions! We love them so much.
This Friday we also had Half Mission Training and our Half Mission Christmas Party! It was so great! We played so many hilarious games, including the one where you put an Oreo on your forehead and have to move it to your mouth without using your hands. Please enjoy this picture of President Hess preparing for the game...

It was so much fun. I wasn't very good at the game because I love Oreos too much to be that patient. When we played, the zone leaders said "Ready...set..." and I was going to try, but as soon as they said "Go!" I just took the Oreo off my forehead and started eating it. I COULDN'T WAIT, OKAY? It was so good.
Later at the training, Elder Patterson told us a story. This last transfer, Elder Snow finished his mission and went home. He was an AP (Assistant to the President) and served in my ward when I was at MSU. The current APs are Elder Patterson and Elder Bertilson (who's from Sweden!). They take the departing missionaries to the airport, and Elder Snow and one other elder were leaving at the same time. As the APs watched the departing elders put their luggage up to the counter to be weighed, Elder Bertilson watched the TSA workers. He then turned to Elder Patterson and said, speaking of the workers, "They have no idea what these two missionaries have done. They have no idea that they are heroes." That really stuck with me because it is so true! I saw Elder Snow work and devote his entire self to his mission and to the Lord. Missionaries who give themselves to the work truly are heroes. I just thought that was a really cool story.
Overall, this week was incredible! I know that God loves me and loves each one of you. I know that His teachings bless us and our families. I know that this work is God's work, and there's no place I'd rather be!
I love you all! Have a wonderful holiday season!
<3 Sister Christiansen
Sister Brems, the Sister Training Leaders (Sis. Richardson and Sis. Smith) and me!
Our apartment! Complete with lights and a tree! Thank you, family, for the decorations!

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