Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 29 - ICE STORM!!!

This week has been bonkers. I had my first ever "day in" as a missionary where our leaders told us we had to stay inside because it was too dangerous to go out! We had an ice storm and power lines and tree branches were falling everywhere! We live across the street from a fire station and there were constant sirens all day. We hope everyone is doing okay!
To fill our day, Sis. Brems and I studied a TON, played missionary games (like Scrabble, but you could only use words that were found in the scriptures!), sang hymns, and studied some more. It was awesome! Did I mention that our POWER HAS BEEN OUT for almost 2 days?! We have one flashlight and a battery-powered "candle" keeping us going. It's been such an adventure.
The trees here are all covered in ice and completely GORGEOUS. I wanted to send a picture but I forgot my camera today! Nooo!
So my mum sent me a Christmas CD that I love and this is my favorite song from it! And now there's a music video to it on! It's focused on the Savior and you should all watch it! Such beautiful music! Reminds me of that song "Chairman's Waltz..." Anyways, here's the link!
CHRISTMAS IS COMING! AWW YEAH! I hope we get to knock doors at least a little bit on Christmas! I'll let you know how that goes!
I am so grateful that God sent prophets in the past to reveal His gospel, and I'm so grateful that He sent His Son to lead us by example! I KNOW that whenever we do something that Christ did, it will lead to happiness. That is a PROMISE!
I wish I could write more but we're super rushed today. But I love you all and miss you a ton!
<3 Sister Christiansen
I am being selfish and asking for a Christmas gift... but I just discovered like, my new favorite video EVER and for Christmas I am going to go ahead and ask all of you to watch it! It makes me so happy and I know it can make each of you happy! And THAT makes me happy, too!
Here's the video.
I totally didn't cry when he started talking about the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Image or anything...
<3 Carly

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