Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 32 - HEAT WAVE!!!

I was going to try to not talk about the weather for once, but a miracle has occured! It is 40 degrees outside! ABOVE ZERO!!! That is all.
Moving along to the wonderful highlights of this week...
Bill is an investigator who is one of my favorite people that I've ever taught. He reminds me a lot of my dad, which is so cool. He's a librarian and reads EVERYTHING and had encyclopedias about Mormonism before he ever even met with us missionaries! He is just so awesome. Anywho, something amazing happened on Saturday... HE GOT MARRIED!!! He and his girlfriend Jan have been living together for over 10 years, and they decided to get married which is awesome because it is leading to the fact that BILL IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!! WOOHOO!! Here is a picture of me, Bill, and Jan (Bill's new wife)!
They are so awesome! It was such a happy day!
Also this week, I had an awesome moment with this kid, Ty. He is 10 and was just baptized this year. We've been teaching him more about the gospel, but sometimes he gets distracted, which is understandable because he's 10. This week, he kept wanting to talk about Spongebob. Luckily, I love Spongebob. We turned it into a game where he named a Spongebob episode and I related it to the gospel. It was the coolest lesson I've ever taught haha. We were going back and forth for a good ten minutes. He still has yet to stump me, but he's determined to try. Everything can relate back to God's love for us! Even Spongebob. This missionary moment is brought to you by my mom who, despite her hatred of Spongebob, allowed me to watch it growing up. It finally came in handy! Thanks, mom!
This week we also found out we can walk on water! Well... frozen puddles, that is. The puddles are doing this weird/awesome thing where a layer of thick ice is forming at the top, but it's completely clear and still looks like a puddle of water underneath! So when you walk on those puddles, it seriously looks like you're walking on water! I've only slipped and fallen twice!
Well, I thought I had a ton to write about this week, but that's basically all I can think of today. I hope you all have a great week! I know this gospel is 100% true and am so grateful for that knowledge. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon! It is such an incredible book that carries so much power into the lives of thsoe who read it prayerfully!
I love you and miss you all!
<3 Sister Christiansen

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