Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 35!!

Hi all! We had a wonderful week but we also have a lot of errands to do today so I can't email for long.
The highlight of this week was church yesterday! Three of our investigators came and it was wonderful. Then something SO GREAT happened. I still sit up front with Brother Hunter who's Deaf because I help sign interpret for him. Well, yesterday during the part of church where anyone could get up and share their testimony (what they know to be true), Brother Hunter went up! He brought Brother Peterson up with him, who is the other interpreter in the ward. Brother Hunter signed a powerful testimony while Brother Peterson dictated it into the microphone. It was so wonderful! He told his conversion story, then explained that he had become inactive for many years, until the missionaries came by. It was funny because while he was signing the story, he pointed right at me and Sister Brems sitting in the congregation! He joked about how we gave him the extra push he needed. He had the whole congregation laughing throughout his stories. Everyone loves him so much. I never want to leave Holt!
On that note, however, transfer calls are this Friday :( I think I'm leaving because I've been in this area for 6 months and most people don't stay in one area longer than that. I know anything can happen, though. I know wherever I end up is exactly where the Lord needs me, so that is comforting! I will let you all know next week what happens!
I have one quick spiritual thought I wanted to share. Our mission president shared this story in a stake missionary meeting this week. He served his mission in the northeastern states, and got to a point where he was very discouraged. He hadn't baptized anyone yet, and was worried he was a bad missionary. He had an interview with his mission president (who was Boyd K. Packer!), and told his mission president all the work he had been doing, asking if there was more he was supposed to do to have more success. The response President Packer gave was, "Elder Hess, you're doing all the right things, you just haven't been doing them long enough."
I think that is such a great principle. We don't always receive blessings for obeying the commandments immediately, but as long as we are diligent, they always come. You are all such great examples to me. Always keep working hard and God will bless you!
Now in closing, I'd like to share a wonderful video that the Mormon Newsroom released. It gives a great introduction to and summary of the Mormon Church. Whether you're a member or not, will each of you watch this brief video? To learn more about the basic beliefs of the church, you can also go to
Here's the video!
I love you all!
<3 Sister Christiansen

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