Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 20!

The work is hastening in Holt!
Sister Brems and I have seen a million miracles this week! I'll just share a couple.
Last transfer, they wanted to shut down our scripture study class because no one ever came. Sister Brems and I decided that we wouldn't let that happen, and this week we had 7 investigators there! Sister Brems and I work so well together and it's been such a blessing to see that hard work and strict obedience pay off. The Lord has His hand in every single aspect of this work, and I am so grateful for that!
Also this week, we kept meeting people who had been looking for missionaries! One woman had been meeting with missionaries in Detroit and hadn't been able to find them again since moving here. We were lucky enough to be led by the Spirit to knock on her door that day!
In church on Sunday, a less-active member who is deaf came to church! I was able to help interpret, and he had a great time. Turns out, a lot of members in the ward know sign language, and he made a lot of new friends!
Also, we just got this announcement from our mission president:
"We have been asked to become one of the first electronic missions. This means you will have electronic planners, area books, progress reports, and teaching records that can also be accessed real time by Stake Presidents, Bishops, Branch Presidents and Ward Mission Leaders. This will help them to immediately know about the people you are teaching. We will also be doing some online proselyting."
Whaaaat! This is so exciting! Our mission will be getting mini iPads for Christmas! One per companionship! This will make reporting our work so much more efficient, which will allow us to spend more time out working! I can't wait!
This week we also got some fun food. I tried durian! Durian tastes like how feet smell. It is the worst food in the world, basically. It's a fruit, that tastes like sulfur. But I couldn't turn it down! I love weird food adventures (last transfer I tried fermented fish oil which actually wasn't that bad!).
This week we also learned that Michigan is OBSESSED with apples. We've had apple cider, dried cinnamon apples, apple dumplings, apply taffy, apple crumbles for atop your ice cream, apple butter, and just plain old apples. All of those tasty treats were homemade, too! The food here is great!

 more kittens! and this is my new companion!!!
I love being a missionary and I love you all! Have a great week!
<3 Sister Christiansen

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